Arthur and the Librarian



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i'll squeeze ya tight with all my might feel your bones

I don't care for your skin or what lies within 'cept your bones

well ill crush em right into a powdery white

drink em with my tea and just a teaspoon of sweet

well a lemon squeeze is all I need to drink you


i'll sprinkle you in my bath just add some sassafras and im golden

breathe you in through my nose dont worry

momma knows how to know you

I try to pull the drain but it's all in vain

I'll soak in you in a big you stew

don't worry baby it's just you and me


well i'll roll you up into a solid blunt smoking bones

red around my eyes how you get me high smoking bone

but what will I do when Im without you cause youre gone

ya i've used you up you know theres nothing left no more bones

no more bones